Industrial & Commercial warehouses and factory floors are subjected to constant use and abuse. From forklift trucks working 24/7 running over the joints repeatedly to exposure to harsh chemicals, solvents, spills, and of course time, wear and tear, inexorably causes deterioration of the floor. Improper construction, mix design, place and finish or shifting sub-grade below the slab can also create significant and potentially dangerous problems if not remediated. Philadelphia’s Durable Surfaces provides repair and restoration for concrete cracks and joints.


Many of our clients have used our services in a mixture of facilities including warehouses as well as customer-facing stores. Increasingly, many of the big box stores that retain bare concrete floor slabs have taken to polishing them in order to present a more attractive and less industrial appearance to their customers. This trend has also become popular because it significantly reduces the need for concrete crack, joint repair or restoration.

Based on various studies and especially our encounters with companies that have made the decision to polish their slabs, we encourage prospective customers to ask each contractor what type of polishing procedure will they use. There are two popular methods in current usage – the dry grinding system and the wet plate systems. The dry systems utilize diamond technology to achieve the polished surface of the concrete slab with an advanced dust collection system. The wet plate system utilizes grinding stones with a water addition to achieve a slurry. While both systems can produce the appropriate result getting there is a very different process.

Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia, PA utilizes the most advanced dry polishing system with state of the art equipment to get the job done in order to minimize the time the floor is out of commission and in order to minimize the mess inherent in the refinishing process. The result is a clean process with minimal downtime and a virtually maintenance free floor.


In the Pharmaceutical and research repair area there are different challenges that we face. Durable Surfaces understands the demanding protocol and needs of the Pharmaceutical environment. Durable Surfaces understands the need for a clean workplace that includes but is not limited to dust collection, gowning procedures, cleanliness of equipment and the utilization of compatible materials for the repair needs of this industry. Philadelphia’s Durable Surfaces has a quick turnaround for concrete crack, joint repair and restoration in critical areas. Whether it is in your clean rooms, warehouse or on your shipping & receiving dock.


Durable Surfaces knows what it takes to bring a food grade company into compliance with the AIB standards associated with Distribution Facilities and Food Grade processors and handlers. We use materials approved by the FDA for your repairs. Whether it is repairing shrinkage joints or surface spalls, we understand the needs associated with the AIB’s stringent requirements. Durable Surfaces can help your company repair the deficiency areas to effectively restore your company to full compliance.

Critical Requirements

  • Floors are made of materials that are easily cleaned and kept in good repair.
  • Wall/floor junctions and corners are maintained to facilitate cleaning.
  • Concrete holes, cracks, and joints are repaired to prevent debris from lodging and to avoid pest or microbial harborage.
  • Floors are designed to meet the demands of facility operations and withstand cleaning materials and methods.
  • Floors are impervious.

Oil & Gas

Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia understands the Safety needs for Oil and Gas Companies. Our strict attention to detail when it comes to safety are imperative in this industry. Durable Surfaces utilizes only the best concrete repair and restoration materials when it comes to Oil and Gas Company repairs. All the repair and restoration materials used in the repair of concrete in and around oil and gas company facilities are resistant to harsh chemicals and withstand the demands associated with this industry.


Industrial warehouse and factory floor slabs are subject to constant use and abuse. From forklifts, pallet trucks and ride on order pickers – they are continuously exposed to hard wheeled traffic that has the potential to damage and deteriorate the slab surface and joints. Furthermore, chemical and impact damage from usage can also damage your floors. Without addressing and repairing these problems, maintenance costs of the floors and forklifts will increase exponentially and safety can be compromised for the operators and employees of the facilities.