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Concrete Polishing and Staining

High performance. High style.

Concrete Polishing and Staining Have you ever seen an expertly stained and polished concrete floor? It’s truly a sight to behold. In fact, you’ll even see yourself in a slab polished to a mirror-like, high-gloss finish. Polished and sealed concrete isn’t all about looks, though. It’s about performance, too. And the benefits are many.

Polished slabs reflect more light, and a brighter work environment makes for a safer work environment. Not only that, but highly reflective surfaces allow you to reduce lighting-relating energy costs, saving you money.

High polishes also increase slip resistance (the coefficient of friction) between hard rubber wheels and your slabs. So, while your equipment may appear to be skating across your slab, it’s actually gripping more than ever before. Increased slip resistance is not only safer, it reduces hard rubber wheel wear for further savings. This is especially important if your facility uses robotics.

Because polished-concrete slab surfaces have been densified and are no longer porous, they are stain resistant. Your tightened floor prevents spills from penetrating the surface—from water to oil to chemicals and other contaminants.

If all you need is a gorgeous, polished concrete floor to impress your visitors, accept nothing less than the highest gloss finish. The aesthetic impact is immediate, and can’t be overstated.
It should be clear by now that, for the right applications, polished slabs are investments that begin paying for themselves on day one. The concrete polishing and staining experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia have polished millions of square feet for industrial and commercial clients alike.

Concrete StainingConcerned with aesthetics? Nothing complements a high polish like a lovely stain. Whether you want to impress your commercial visitors, potential partners or just create a modern work environment that inspires creativity, a masterfully applied stain will get you there.

A vast arrange of colors will satisfy any desire. The concrete floor of your dreams—in every pigment of your imagination.

Bring your floors exceptional performance…and looks to match. Contact the Philadelphia concrete polishing and staining experts at Durable Surfaces today and let us bring new value to your concrete investment.

High-speed Burnishing

Bring your polished slabs back to peak performance.

Does your commercial or industrial flooring surface have a polished finished? If so, you know the benefits it brings—operational efficiency, aesthetics and durability. But just as a knife needs an occasional honing and a car an occasional polishing, so does your surface—suspended or on-ground.

High-speed burnishing brightens your polished slab while also hardening and tightening the surface. The result is a surface brought back to peak performance and eye-appeal. Take advantage of this service and you’ll save time and money. Equipment moves more smoothly for increased safety, slabs reflect more light reducing energy costs and tight pores result in enhanced stain-resistance.

Ready to bring your dull surface back to life—and exceptional operational efficiency? Contact the experts at Durable Surfaces today.

Seamless Floor Coatings

Smooth, impenetrable and lasting coatings for specialized applications.

Some slabs require exceptional smoothness and impenetrability. Pharmaceutical clean rooms, food services and preparation facilities, robotics and forklift charging stations—these are just a few examples.

Achieve the flooring surface that meets your demands with precision-applied epoxy coatings. Depending on your needs—from slip and heat resistance to static dissipating, colored more—we’ll select from the industry’s highest quality epoxy coatings and apply them using the most advanced techniques.

What you’re left with is a perfectly smooth, level and impenetrable surface that not only suits your application, but will stand the test of time.

It’s time to bring your concrete slabs to spec for your specialized requirements. Call the experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia today.

Battery Acid Resistant Epoxies

Low pH equals high danger. Let’s fix that equation.

It’s not uncommon for concrete slabs within your facility to require an additional layer of protection. What is common is for those areas to require acid resistance.

Unlike architectural epoxy coatings, acid-resistant epoxy coatings aren’t aesthetic in nature. These specialized epoxy coatings are designed to be structural and functional. Often installed in and around charging stations, where there’s a heightened risk of battery acid leaks, an investment in these epoxies could pay dividends. Acid-resistant epoxy coatings protect your surface and, ultimately, you from costly repairs.

Battery acid destroys equipment and flooring surfaces while posing a significant safety hazard to your employees and the environment. If you’ve experienced battery acid damage, then you know it’s a real concern. If you haven’t, then don’t take on the risk. Instead, contact the concrete epoxy experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia today. You’ll feel relieved having this significant worry removed from your operational equation.


Trowel Down Systems

Epoxy Coating installations that endure where others fail.

If you rely on epoxy coatings to protect specific areas of your facility and have experienced failures in the past, you’ll be glad to know not all epoxies are created equal. Trowel down systems bring increased abrasion and impact resistance, and are more structurally sound than other epoxies and installation techniques.

Epoxy grouts that require a trowel to install, these installations can be laid thicker, placed up a wall to form coves and even sloped to migrate liquids toward drainage systems. Increased thicknesses add structural strength, cove bases ensure absolute protection from water and chemical intrusion and sloping ensures spilled liquids flow where they should.

High-impact, high-use and chemical-abundant areas demand more structure from epoxy coatings. Trowel down systems meet that demand with an increase in resilience and longevity. Contact the experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia today to leverage this power of this truly durable surface.

Mastic Removal

You already have a great floor. Let’s uncover it.

Often during construction projects or fit-outs, carpeting, carpet squares or vinyl flooring need to be removed. What’s left behind is never a clean surface, though. Rather, what held them in place—mastics and glues—tend to stick around. And they can be incredibly challenging to remove, at least without the right equipment and technique.

At Durable Surfaces, we’re prepared to remove every sort of mastic resin and glue. We may employ chemicals, various grinders or a combination of the two. Rely on our unmatched experience and knowledge to bring your concrete slab back to the surface.

A well-prepared slab is necessary for the successful installation of new flooring materials. Of course, you may also choose to further refine your concrete slabs—perhaps with stain, a high-gloss polish or durable epoxy coating. In either case, you won’t want to let mastics and glues stick around past their welcome. You’ll want to contact the experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia instead.

Slab Cleaning and Sealing

Bring new—and longer—life to your slabs with a quality cleaning.

Is your ground-level or suspended slab in need of a cleaning? A dirty slab isn’t just unattractive. It’s a problem waiting to happen.

Dirt, when it becomes wet, can and will create slipping hazards. And wet or not, the dirt will prematurely wear down the hardened surfaces of your slab.

Durable Surfaces uses the industry’s most advanced equipment and techniques to clean and, if needed, seal your slab to like-new condition. Whether for routine maintenance or heavier move-in or -out cleaning, your slabs, equipment and personnel will be grateful.

Cleaning adds years of service life to your slabs and is an easy way to protect your investments. Call the experts at Durable Surfaces today for all your slab-cleaning needs.

Concrete Repair and Restoration Consulting

Concrete answers from the concrete authority.

What’s the best way to repair, restore, polish, seal, fill, clean or stain your concrete? Your challenging questions deserve definitive answers, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the experts at Durable Surfaces. Better yet, we’re available to consult on-site, in your office or over the phone. We serve clients in Philadelphia and nationwide.

We offer objective and quantitative testing services that include coring and sampling, strength performance and core psi testing, petrography analysis, invasive and noninvasive testing, F/f, F/l and F/Min testing. Followed by thorough written reports and field measurements of damaged areas, and you’ll have all the answers you need to take action.

Want to save time and money? Then be proactive and make our concrete repair and consulting service the first step in your preventive maintenance protocol. Contact Durable services today to schedule your consultation.

Moisture Testing

Feel confident your new surface will stand the test of time. Get it tested.

How prepared is your concrete slab to receive a new flooring surface? Without moisture testing, that’s a challenging question to answer. Durable Surfaces’ certified concrete slab moisture-testing specialists can help you understand whether your commercial or retail facility is ready for a new look or utility.

When should you ask for moisture testing? Most commonly, you should request this service prior to installations of vinyl composition tile (VCT) and epoxy coatings, as well as before concrete staining and polishing. We’ll test for surface moisture and relative humidity within the slab. Should we find your slab is moisture laden, we can help you discern the cause and remediate the problem. The result is a slab you can feel confident is ready to receive a new surface.

What you should never do is skip moisture testing. When simple tests can prevent severe complications after new flooring is installed, why would you? Save yourself the worry and limit the potential for wasted time and money. Contact the experts at Philadelphia’s Durable Surfaces today.