Concrete Repair & Restoration

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Spall Repair

Spalls are more than unsightly. They’re dangerous.

Take a look around your concrete slabs and their joints. Notice any damage around high-traffic areas? Those are most likely spalls.

Often caused by forceful impacts, forklift tires striking joints, dragging and pushing of pallets or even debris caught on tires, spalls are more than eyesores. They’re not only hazardous to your equipment and personnel, they also make your warehouse operations less efficient.

Left unattended, spalls damage forklifts, slow logistics and, still worse, create additional spalling. Concrete repairs shouldn’t be put off until their cost to your operations can no longer be ignored.

Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia uses the most advanced materials and techniques to repair spalls on any concrete slab. You’ll notice the difference immediately. Smooth-running equipment means smooth-running logistics and increased safety and productivity.

Ready to forget your slabs ever had spalls? Contact the Philadelphia concrete repair experts at Durable Surfaces today.


Crack Repair

Protect your equipment. Protect your people. Protect your investment.

Wood rots. Iron rusts. Concrete cracks. The difference? Cracks in concrete can—and should—be permanently repaired and restored.

Besides being unsightly, cracks are dangerous to your equipment and personnel, and degrade the structural integrity of your concrete. They’re also points of ingress for insects, moisture, debris and other undesirables.

Philadelphia’s Durable Surfaces will first analyze the cracks in your concrete before choosing the most appropriate filling materials and employing the most advanced repair and restoration techniques in the industry to remedy them. It’s this degree of care that allows us to offer guarantees longer than any competitor’s.

Don’t take on all the risk that comes with cracked concrete. Invest in concrete repair and restoration by contacting the experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia today.


Joint Rebuild

Smooth joints. Smooth operations.

Does your facility use forklifts, pallet trucks, robotics or other rolling equipment? Then take a close at the joints between your concrete slabs. They’re especially prone to damage over time. And as they spall and deteriorate, they create severe and potentially dangerous operational challenges.

The solution: a joint rebuild. Many competitors will merely fill damaged joints with repair material. The Philadelphia based concrete repair experts at Durable Surfaces, however, use a process that results in a complete restoration of your joints to like-new condition.

Imagine your concrete flooring surfaces in as good as or better shape than the days after they cured. Your equipment runs smoothly from slab to slab. Forklift tires glide rather than dip and crawl around your facility. The increased safety and efficiency of your operations will pay dividends, and certainly cost less than waiting for problem joints to get worse.

So, stop waiting. Lasting, like-new joints are within reach. Contact Durable Surfaces today.


Concrete Milling, Grinding and Scarifying

The remedy your slab needs, no matter its condition.

MillingIt’s unsettling to see your forklifts getting stuck or coming dangerously close to losing balance on a curled or unlevel slab. You know it’s a potential disaster waiting to happen, and a distraction to your lift operators—not to mention a safety issue and an easy way to damage inventory.

Milling is the process by which we use specialized equipment and leverage our unmatched expertise to smooth out your on-ground or suspended slabs. We also mill to remove large swatch of concrete for more significant repairs and to rectify Fmin and FF issues.

Smooth and level floors bring heightened safety and operational efficiency to your facility.

GrindingIt’s been said that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Before you’re ready to polish your concrete slabs, set them up for success. The first step is grinding.

Our massive planetary grinders restore your on-ground or suspended slab concrete surfaces to like-new or better condition. By the time we’re finished, they’ll be ready for a high-level seal and polish that can’t be achieved otherwise.

What do you get with a smooth sealed  and polished concrete surface? A beautiful shine, easier-to-maintain cleanliness and enhanced abrasion resistance. More importantly, you get equipment that effortlessly glides around your facility with increased speed and stability to deliver a new level of productivity with sealed and polished surfaces.

ScarifyingWhen you need lots of material and concrete removed in little time, scarifying is the solution. Scarifiers remove brittle coatings and substantial amounts of concrete more quickly than other methods. The process also leaves behind striations that prep your slabs for further treatment.

Especially when you have a large area that needs prep, nothing gets the job done better or faster than scarifying performed by experienced pros with the best equipment and know-how in the industry.

Between milling, grinding and scarifying, we bring you more options to take down your concrete surfaces. Contact the concrete repair and restoration experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia today to learn which is right for your needs, budget and facility.


Joint Filling

Save your joints. Save your money.

Do you have forklift traffic over a slab or few in your facility? Are the joints filled and sealed in that area? If not, then you already know you’ve got a problem.

Unfilled joints are susceptible to impact damage from forklift wheels, pallet trucks and other rolling equipment. It won’t take long before you notice the spalls and deterioration that results in splinters, chips and other harmful debris.

Whether for construction, shrinkage or isolation joints, filling increases both protection and support. Protection saves the leading edge of your slab joints from perpendicular impact damage caused by wheeled traffic. Support is provided when the joint fill is installed to full depth, allowing a momentary load transfer to the new shelf that’s been established within the joint.

Joint filling is a practical and inexpensive way to protect your equipment and your surface. Contact the concrete restoration experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia today to preserve the integrity of your joints.

Concrete Repair and Restoration Consulting

Find concrete answers from the concrete authority.

What’s the best way to repair, restore, polish, seal, fill, clean or stain your concrete? Your challenging questions deserve definitive answers, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia. Better yet, we’re available to consult on-site, in your office or over the phone.

We offer objective and quantitative testing services that include coring and sampling, strength performance and core psi testing, petrography analysis, invasive and noninvasive testing, F/f, F/l and F/Min testing. Followed by thorough written reports and field measurements of damaged areas, and you’ll have all the answers you need to take action.

Want to save time and money? Then be proactive and make our concrete repair and consulting service the first step in your preventive maintenance protocol. Contact Durable Services today to schedule your consultation.

Slab-on-Ground Stabilizing

Save more than money with permanent slab stabilization.

Slabs rocking while your equipment’s rolling? Then they’re not durable surfaces. And they’re certainly not safe for your equipment and operators.

Imagine a forklift traversing a concrete slab-turned-seesaw. Not only is this an accident waiting to happen—and a liability to you and your company—it makes impact damage along slab joints a near certainty.

Durable Surfaces uses proprietary materials and the most advanced techniques in the industry to stabilize your slabs completely and permanently. As soon as our unique procedure is complete, you can put your surface back to immediate use.

Protect your slabs, your equipment and your personnel, all while protecting yourself from liability. Contact the experts at Durable Surfaces today to bring stability to your concrete flooring.


Suspended Slab Repairs

Some slabs live the high life. Keep it that way.

Not all slabs are on the ground—you’ll know this if your facility has concrete mezzanines or other higher levels. While suspended slabs may not experience the same high traffic ground-level slabs do, that doesn’t mean they’re less prone to damage. And, in fact, even a small amount of damage could severely curtail your operations. If you rely on sophisticated robotics, for instance, then you know they rely on perfectly flat flooring surfaces.

Suspended slabs don’t have the firm, supportive base as industrial or commercial flooring slabs on ground. Depending on how the concrete has been placed, deflection may result over time. This factor alone may pose a risk for service cracking. Combined with the increased likelihood of damage—as the top side of your slab is now under compression while the bottom is under tension—and you have a potential recipe for concrete damage.


Ff/ Fl and Fmin Testing and spot grinding

Stay flat and level. Stay compliant and efficient.

A quick look around your concrete flooring surface may be all it takes to know your slabs aren’t flat and level. But to know by how much—and whether they’re out of compliance—takes more than a glance. It requires precision measurement performed by expert technicians.

Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia, PA measures floor flatness (FF) and floor levelness (FL) for random traffic areas. For defined traffic areas, such as a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA), we test Fmin.

Once testing is complete, we determine how out of tolerance your slabs are and how best to repair, restore and remediate them. Using spot grinding, milling and polishing, we’ll make sure you achieve your target numbers. So, you’ll not only remain compliant with ASTM and other standards, but also have a surface that promotes operational efficiency.


Floor Preparation

Now you see it. Now you don’t.

Mastics, glues and black tar? Vinyl, carpeting and tiling? We’ve seen it all, and we can remove it all—and more—from your concrete flooring surfaces. No matter the size of your facility, you can rely on the experts at Durable Surfaces to ready your slabs for use. We work for you in Philadelphia and nationwide.

To protect your surface after preparation, we can also seal it to mitigate moisture penetration. Either way, you’ll be left with clean slabs prepared for immediate use or applications of smooth VCT or epoxy coatings and polish.

By the time we finish with your floor, you might wonder if you’re in the right facility. What you won’t wonder is whether you hired the right company. Contact us today to have your floor prepared and restored to pristine condition.


Parking Garage Repairs

Don’t let your investment sit in park.

Own or manage a parking garage? While it may not receive the same level of traffic as surface roads or highways, that doesn’t decrease the importance of proper care—it’s an expensive piece of property and a profitable investment. By our estimation, however, parking-deck maintenance may be the most often overlooked among concrete flooring surfaces.

Common problems include degraded washings, caulking, clips and welds. Suspended decks are especially prone to weather damage, further exacerbating these issues.

Sure, you can wait until your entire surface needs intensive repair or removal and reinstallation—our teams have done plenty. Or, you can take the preventive action you need to maintain the integrity of your structure. Call the experts at Durable Surfaces today and take some risk out of your investment.


Shot Blasting

Make your next surface coating last with the right preparation.

Ready your concrete slabs for durable epoxy or other coatings with shot blasting. This slab preparation technique employs high-velocity steel shot—all contained within a hardened-steel cylinder—to generate a new concrete surface profile (CSP). The enclosed blast chamber uses HEPA filtration to collect dust and leave you with clean surfaces ready for the installation of your new flooring medium.

Durable Surfaces will achieve the CSP your slabs need for whichever coating or flooring selection comes next. Whether grounded or suspended, you can be sure our choice of tools and techniques will take into account all variables.

Don’t neglect to prep. Call the experts at Durable Surfaces in Phildelphia today.


Slab Cleaning and Sealing

Bring new—and longer—life to your slabs with a quality cleaning.

Is your ground-level or suspended slab in need of a cleaning? A dirty slab isn’t just unattractive. It’s a problem waiting to happen.

Dirt, when it becomes wet, can and will create slipping hazards. And wet or not, the dirt will prematurely wear down the hardened surfaces of your slab.

Durable Surfaces uses the industry’s most advanced equipment and techniques to clean and, if needed, seal your slab to like-new condition. Whether for routine maintenance or heavier move-in or -out cleaning, your slabs, equipment and personnel will be grateful.

Cleaning adds years of service life to your slabs and is an easy way to protect your investments. Call the experts at Durable Surfaces today for all your slab-cleaning needs.


Tilt-up Panel Repair

Prevent further damage and save money with vertical surface repair.

With newer construction methods come new challenges—and solutions. Such is the case with tilt panels, often found as walls in warehouses. Tilt panels are poured and cured while lying flat on horizontal surfaces before being moved into their vertical positions.

Like all concrete surfaces, tilt panels are prone to cracking. Sometimes it happens during the lifting and placing process. Other times it’s due to regular wear. In either case, you’ll want repairs made before the cracks get worse. Just as with on-ground concrete surfaces, cracks spread and allow water ingress, catch debris and weaken the structural integrity of your wall.

When your tilt panels begin to show signs of cracking, don’t wait for the problem to become worse—and costlier to address. Instead, save money and take action now. Call the concrete repair and restoration experts at Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia today.