About Durable Surfaces

A Message from Chris Wright, CEO of Durable Surfaces:

Prospective customers frequently ask me what distinguishes Durable Surfaces from every other commercial concrete repair and restoration contractor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and across the US and the answer is simple – our unrivaled knowledge base earned over decades on the job site.

Because we truly understand the issues that present themselves – and they can be quite complex – we appropriately diagnose and correct our customers’ problems the first time, every time.


That is hugely important to our customers. In fact, many of the relationships we have with our long-term customers originated when we were called in to correct the mistakes made by a previous commercial concrete repair contractor.

The simple truth, as every business owner knows, is that you can’t buy experience; you have to earn it by spending the most important capital of all – your time.

And that’s why we can quickly diagnose why a concrete floor is rocking or forklift truck tires are deteriorating prematurely. And it’s why when we stabilize a slab we use a proprietary grout and completely fill the entire voids in order to reestablish the sub-grade.

Using our state of the art dustless concrete grinders, we can solve your slab-on-grade issues. Our grinders utilize the latest diamond grinding technology and we have a proven record of improving overall Ff/Fl and F/Min numbers. We can provide the testing for your floor or we can work hand in hand with your floor testing company to correct adverse Ff/Fl or F/min floor conditions. If you’re looking for a concrete repair, restoration and refinishing company that can give you a certifiable clean, smooth, and improved concrete floor you’ve found it.

Let Durable Surfaces put you ahead of schedule on any of your commercial concrete repair needs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or across the US. Floor testing, floor profiling, corrective concrete grinding, patching, concrete polishing, refinishing, joint filling, instant permanent crack repair, slab pressure grouting, and improving your overall floor flatness F/f F/l and F/min corrective grinding are just a few of the services that we offer on your jobsite or at your facility. We also offer emergency concrete repair services.

I genuinely welcome the opportunity to discuss your challenge – concrete repair excites me and our company is passionate about getting the job done right, right out of the box. When you want a company that can help you understand what’s actually going on with your concrete, and you truly want to get your problem solved, you need to give us a chance to show you what a difference our experience and knowledge can make for your commercial concrete repair, refinishing or restoration job in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or across the US.

I very much look forward to speaking with you.

Chris Wright,CEO of Durable Surfaces